Samantha Johnson was waiting in line in the grocery store when she looked in her wallet and saw the number of credit cards she really had.  She looked at each one and although some she knew about how much she owed on some, there were a few credit cards that she had absolutely no idea what their balance was. Thus, she decided it was finally time to make some major changes in her financial life. At the time, she was 40, and come to find out she had around $80,000 in debt. Hello ! I’m Samantha Johnson, and this is my story how debt consolidation changed my life.

I was constantly moving money from one card to another. I ran a small grant writing business, which was tanking. While standing in the grocery store, I felt nauseous looking at the food in my cart. I knew it would add more to my balances. I realized I had to do something to get things right.

After this epiphany, I started reading as much as I could about debt consolidation and credit counseling. However, I could not find the information I was looking for. I kept looking for some simple ways to take control of my finances. Fortunately, I found a wonderful company that helped me get back on my feet.

How Did I First Get Into Debt?aac3cbbe453ecf03be124eb07ade3e112166e8c9

I have been in debt almost my entire life. When I was just 25, I got my first credit card. I used my cards to extend income for many things, including clothing and dinner. Even my husband did the same. Balances racked up quickly, and placed a lot of burden on our relationship. I was constantly in a series of non-profit jobs. Thus, I was looking for a creative life.

After separating from my husband, I moved to Chicago. However, I still faced some debt problems. I was always in and out of debt. I used a credit line to fund a business out of my home. Soon, I was in $80,000 credit card and loan debt.

How Did This Company Make It Easier To Pay Debts?

I found a lot of books explaining how debt was a bad idea, and how to properly make investments. However, I could not find any tools to come out of debt. I realized I was in a lot of trouble. It was not long before I was going to feel miserable. There’s a lot of financial advice for people with stability, but not anything for people in debt.

Therefore, I needed to come up with a financial plan and get my debt under control. I just wanted to make sure I was able to fund daily needs, pay bills and plan for meaningful things. In simple terms, I wanted everything to change within a period of 30 days.  Once this company sat down with me and we went through my finances and came up with a plan it was a huge weight off my shoulders right there.  To be honest the hardest part was getting up my nerves to call them.  I did not want to have a drastic change in my current lifestyle … and to my surprise there wasn’t!

How Does Their Service Work?

With their help I came up with a budget of daily needs and bills, including dry cleaning, fuel, food and household items. They also showed me ways to make save money, pay my bills, and plan for future expenses.

In most cases, debtors are mindless. They spend money on what they consider daily needs. As a debtor, I used to spend around $300 on expensive wine and bulk warehouse items. I didn’t have any accountability. However, with my spending plan, I’ve learned to prioritize what I love and need. Their system doesn’t restrict you. It opens your eyes.

Reward money is always important. In the beginning, it was just $5 for me. Over time, I started to building my reward money. I love going to yoga classes, and also love acupuncture. Healthcare is very important for me. In order to get acupuncture services, I visit a school rather than going to a service that costs three times as much. Like me, even you can find services that help your purpose, and allow you to save money. You can make some effortless changes.

What About Paying The Debt?

Paying large-scale debt is quite similar to going on a diet. In case you engage in self-deprivation, you can achieve the desired goal within a few months. Once you have all your debt as a single payment, with a lower APR, it is so much easier to manage my finances. You should learn to live on the cash you earn. Some slow and steady steps can make sure life seems more meaningful to you. In such matters, you can’t expect fast results. Their service not only helps individuals, but also helps couples get out of debt.

For most couples, there’s an aphrodisiac quality of coming up with a spending plan. When both partners start spending a lot of money, it leads to micromanagement of expenses. My current financial plan allows me to decide how to properly allocate money for different needs. With this approach, couples can make all their choices together. Over time, it makes you feel more confident and happy about your life.

I was apart from my husband for more than I decade. With my financial plan, I was able to take control of my life. I got back with him, and promised that I would never have debt problems again. Living debt-free has been a huge difference in my life. I don’t feel like I’m inside a pressure cooker all the time.

How Do I Avoid Going Back To Old Habits?

These days, me and my husband keep separate checking accounts. We also split our bills. I pay some bills, and he pays others. For couples who remain in debt, I think it’s important for every partner to take some responsibility. Else, it can be too easy to dump everything on your partner.

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